At Merx Solutions we pride ourselves with achieving high quality standards and excellent service, particularly in the Dairy Industry. Over the Years we have gained a great deal of experience and fostered many professional relationships, which allow us to competently cater to almost all needs.

We offer our plants on a turnkey basis. Fabricated from premium quality raw materials, they are procured from authorized manufacturers only, consisting of excellent quality machines known for their low maintenance, ease of use and installation, sturdiness and toughness

Our services encompass manufacturing, design and export of a wide range of plants & machineries for Dairy, Food, Herbal & Biotechnology Industries. With Merx Solution your project is in competent hands!


Evaporators are used to remove solvents from food products in the form of vapour. For most evaporation systems, the solvent is water and heat is provided by steam condensation.

Merx Solution is counted among the prominent exporters and suppliers of a quality assured range of Evaporators. Under this category, we offer our customers individualized Falling Film and Multiple Effect Evaporators. These are widely used for reducing volume by evaporating water.

Our products are manufactured under the strict guidance and vigilance of vendors and trained professionals in adherence with the international standards.

Falling Film Evaporator

In these evaporators, liquid and vapor flow downwards in parallel. An even thin film enters the heating tube via a distribution device in the head of the evaporator, flows downward at the boiling

Sailent features:

  • Liquid distribution through the distributor plates placed at the top of calandria.
  • Thinner film formation through the tubes
  • Lesser product contact duration
  • Easy and flexible processing
  • Prime and hygienic product Quality
  • Energy efficient

Multi Effect Evaporator

The Multiple Effect Evaportors are designed to economize the consumption of energy. The multiple-effect configuration combines two or more evaporator bodies to conserve steam, wichc is condensed in the frst-effect heat exchanger only. Water evaporated in the first-effect vapor body is condensed in the second-effect heat exchanger, wich provides energy for evaporation in the second-effect vapor body (and so on for additional effects). Vapor from the last effect flows to a condenser.


Drying is the process of removing liquids from the food products which can be a solid, liquid or slurry, in order to increase product lifetime. Alsom leading to efficient transportation and storage of food products.

Modern dryers mainly use heat as energy source and are therefore termed asthermal dryers. Thermal dryers are used in many industries like dairy processing, food processing,chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Major products of drying processed dairy, fruit, food, organic pigments, proteins, minerals etc. Selection of recommended dryers for specific processeses depends upon the properties of the food material, characteristics of desired product and energy efficiency considerations.

Spray Dryers

Spray drying is the commonly used industrial process of drying. This process involves the conversation of fluid into fine droplets either by nozzle atomization or by rotary disk atomization and then exposing them to a hot drying media to achieve defined dry particulate matter. The heating media is hot air, heated by the steam radiator. Ideally suitable for:

  • Heat sensitive products
  • Non-sticky powder requirements
  • Free-flowing powder requirements from the extremely sticky slurry
  • Bulk production of powders
  • Granulated powdered products from slurry/slip
These dryers are manufactured by the professionals of our vendors with following types of drying chambers:
  • Tall form dryer
  • Multi-stage dryer (Ceiling exhaust)
  • Compact Multistage dryer (Bottom exhaust)


Leveraging on our extended vendor base, we have been able to bring forth a technically advanced and highly efficient array of Industrial Dairy Processing Plants. The complete range is manufactured using strictly optimum quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing techniques by our vendors. Further, they conduct rigorous checks and tests on the range so as to ensure delivery of only defect free parts. Backed by a diligent team of expert professionals and a modern manufacturing facility, we offer individualized Nano Filtration Plants, Ultra Filtration Plants, Micro Filtration Plants and Nano and Reverse Osmosis Plants


Ultra filtration is is a well proven technology offering a wide range of applications for modern day dairy prossessing. There are two different ultra filtration systems. The sprial wound system (SW) and the plate and frame system (P&F).


The UF SW system is a membrane-based filtration system. It has a unique design, where a large membrane area is wound into a compact element. The membrane elements are fitted into a stainless steel housing to form a module, and a number of modules are built into a plant.


The Plate & frame system has been available for many years in various configurations. The system has been undergoing constant development resulting in improved efficiency and reduced operating costs. Typical applications of UF P&F system are for Quark, Cheese, Cream cheese and many more


Microfiltration is cutting edge technology for sanitation and purification of cheese and ayran/dugh brine since it physically removes the undesired microorganisms, dead cells and physical contaminants from the brine without causing any significant change to its chemical composition.

Nano and Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis (RO) and Nanofiltration offer a range of possibilities for concentration and demineralization of different dairy products. The RO and NF plants with SW membrane elements can be supplied with any type of process automation ranging from a simple, manual to a fully automatic system integrated in the overall factory control system.

Complete Plants

Merx Solutions is engaged in offering a wide range of dairy processing plants. The plants we offer are used to process liquid milk which possesses numerous valuable minerals, carbohydrates, lactose, proteins and fats. We offer plants with processing capacities ranging from 5.000 to 10.000 liters of milk a day, on a turn key basis.

Because milk consists of proteins, minerals, Vitamins, fats, lactose etc. it is one of the most nutritious foods available. Due to quality and hygiene issues it is not possible to circulate fresh milk everywhere. In these circumstances processed milk, which doesnt effect the nutritional value, is the best possible solution. This is why quality milk processing plants are required. As well as milk processing plants we also supply plants for the production of cheese, ghee, butter etc. Dairy Processing includes pasteurization, homogenization, evaporating, drying etc. Our most popular products include:

  • Liquid milk processing plants
  • UHT milk plants.
  • Sterilized flavoured milk plants
  • Yoghurt Plants
  • Cheese plants.
  • Butter and Ghee plants

Pasteurizers / Plate heat exchangers

Pasteurization is the process of heating every particle of a product to destroy pathogems. The heat treatmentsystem to be used depends on the properties of the products and the results to be achieved. We offer customized solutions for all the different requirements, depending on your product and the desired shelf life.

A plate heat exchanger consists of a series of parallel plates that are placed one above the other so as to allow the formation of a series of channels for fluids to flow between them. The space between two adjacent plated forms the channel in which the fluid flows. Inlet and outlet holes at the corners of the plates allow hot and cold fluids through alternating channels in the exchangerso that a plate is always in contact on one side with the hot fluidand the other with the cold.